My life is in a midst of change. Change can be a amazing gift but it depends on you’re perception. As anyone goes through change it can be scary stepping into the unknown. The gift of change is the growth you receive from it & you need to remember this as it is very easy to go back to your old ways. The old ways can be safe & comfortable which makes it hard to change.

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this quote “Starting over is the easy part, accepting you need to is the hard part.” this is so very true. As humans most of tend to fear the unknown so we have a hard time realizing & accepting we need to take that first step. If you are like me, you think oh well it’s not exactly making me happy but it will get better eventually. Overtime this mentality drains you.

It is important to keep things in perspective. Step out of your situation once in a while and look at it from the outside. This helps you learn about yourself & your habits. For me, I need to step back & really think about why I have had two marriages that did not work.
I do not blame the men I married. I am part of why they didn’t work. But why? What could I have done differently? I ponder these questions frequently. Many that know me will say I jump into relationships too fast. I actually agree. I do think that is part of my “problem.”
I fall right into the saying “love is blind.” I move quickly and don’t keep perspective. Having said this I know that moving forward, if I do start to date I need to be sure to take it slow. No need to rush! One day at a time.

I have two great friends that I truly admire their marriages! Both marriages have similarities. The first one is that both husbands traveled for work, so they may have been gone for two weeks out of the month at times. I look at this as a way to strengthen a marriage it allows both people to be independent. It also makes you appreciate the time you do spend together more.
These friends also have things in common with their spouse that they like to do together but they also have their individual hobbies as well.

I can honestly say I do not believe I will get married again. The way I look at it is either “3s a charm” or “3 strikes you’re out” and I’m not willing to take that bet!

♥ Ang

4 thoughts on “Change

  1. Jessica

    Hey Ang,
    I found your blog after seeing a post on Kendra’s fb. I can definitely relate. I think it is easy to blame ourselves, but while we are the common denominator in each of our failed relationships, we also can look at the trends when it comes to who we are attracted to and decide to have relationships with. Often, we repeat dynamics or gravitate towards the same kinds of people. Yes, we are the part that stays the same, but we can also work on what makes us move towards that kind of person in the first place. It sounds like you have a lot peace, which took me a long time to find. I hope you are able to weather this storm and keep your positive outlook!


  2. AngSocialMed Post author

    Thank you Jess! I am trying to stay positive but learn & grow through it all! One of my favorite quotes is “The best part of the future is it only comes one day at a time!”

  3. Ashley Hin

    Never say never, Angela! Take things one step at a time. I think everything will work out. Life is about the journey, right? 🙂

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