Feeling Overwhelmed?

You are not alone.

Ever have a day where you feel like your world is crashing in on you?  If not, good for you! If you are like the majority of us that do, how do you handle it?

It is not easy sometimes to find your way out of those moments. It is important to express your feelings and talk to someone if you can. You may feel that you are the only one out there that has it bad, but the truth is there is probably someone worse off than you. You need to stop and put your problems in perspective. On the grand scheme of things, the way you are feeling is probably because a bunch of little things are hitting you all at once. If you break things down and look at each individual problem on its own it may be easier to handle.

Next time you have a moment like this, stop yourself, take a deep breath and say “I can handle this.” Try to look at what is bothering you in a logical manner. (I know this is difficult when your emotions take over.) If you can think about things logically, break down your issues into little segments and attack one at a time. Trying to deal with everything at once, is when you get overwhelmed and freeze.

Once you break things down, take a moment and praise yourself for taking the first step. If that’s all you can handle for that moment, stop. It’s ok to take baby steps. I know that most of us want instant gratification, but that is not reality. We need to realize that things take time and we accomplish more when we take that time.

I believe strongly in self talk. You need to tell yourself you are doing the best you can. Remind yourself to breathe and KNOW that this overwhelming feeling is just temporary.

What other ways help you to deal with being overwhelmed? Comment here or feel free to email me at beandstayhappy@gmail.com ~Ang ♥

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