What’s your Mission?

What's your Mission

About a year ago in a class I was taking, I had to come up with a personal mission statement. This was such an insightful thing to do! I highly suggest you take some time to reflect and come up with a mission statement of your own!

Here is my Mission!

-My mission is to lead a happy, fulfilling life while inspiring others to do the same. I will learn from my past without regret. I will set goals and continuously work towards them. I will maintain positive thoughts. I will find peace within myself by looking inward. I will use my heart to guide my dreams and desires, and my mind to pursue knowledge to grow. I will embrace challenges and learn from them. I will always cherish my relationships with family and friends and the bonds we share. I will be the best parent I can be by raising my son to be honest, independent, and confident, while instilling strong morals and values. I will have passion for all the things I do. I will enjoy every moment along this journey and find laughter, love, and happiness in each day.-

There are many great resources online to help you create one. I suggest looking at Franklin Covey’s website for ideas on where to start.

Remember there is no right or wrong with this. It is a simple exercise that will help you keep your life on the path you want even when there are bumps in the road.

Please share your mission with me! If you do not want to post here feel free to email me at beandstayhappy@gmail.com


♥ Ang

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